Addiction’s Physical Toll


Treatment can tackle the cravings, but health issues may still linger well into recovery.

Overcoming addiction is hard enough, but dealing with the lingering health issues caused by substance abuse can continue well into recovery. Depending on the drug of choice, the issues can vary. Many in treatment have a compromised immune system or struggle with other health problems that stem from years of neglect or lack of early […]

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The Dollars & Cents of Legal Pot


Now that marijuana is legal in two states, is it proving to be the moneymaker proponents expected and just who is benefitting from the profits?

Just who is the legalization of marijuana benefiting in Colorado? Is it the recreational users who have insisted their habit is no more harmful than alcohol or tobacco? Is it the shops that can now sell the drug legally for recreational use? Is it the state government? Proponents would say it’s all of the above. […]

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The Ongoing Meth Epidemic


Small, rural areas continue to battle the problems brought about by this drug and its kudzu-like spread.

The meth epidemic continues, especially in hard hit rural areas where desperate people will take risks to get their hands on some quick cash. Those running illegal meth making operations are known to offer locals money to go buy pseudoephedrine, an ingredient in over-the-counter cold meds that meth cooks use to make their product. While […]

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Breaking Bad’s Influence?


A college student at Arizona State faces multiple charges for manufacturing ecstasy in his room.

The popular cable series about a teacher-turned-meth manufacturer has ended, but its legacy lives on, providing dangerous inspiration for entrepreneurial college students. Arizona Department of Public Safety detectives recently uncovered an Ecstasy manufacturing operation in the apartment near campus, according to officials. The find happened innocently enough, after a DPS Highway Patrol officer stopped a […]

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DEA Chief Speaks Out About Legal Pot


The decriminalization of marijuana in the US continues to be a divisive issue.

When Colorado and Washington state legalized marijuana, it led to a lot of joking on social media and the late night talk shows, but one high ranking government official doesn’t think it’s a laughing matter. The DEA’s Chief of Operations James L. Capra called the legalization of marijuana at the state level “a bad experiment” […]

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Fentanyl-spiked Heroin Causing Overdose Deaths

Mephedrone (Meow) On Counter Top

The northeastern US is seeing a spike in ODs that medical experts are attributing to the powerful cancer drug.

The recent death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has pushed the topic of heroin back into the spotlight, but some medical professionals in the northeast never stopped talking about it in the first place. Before the news reports about Hoffman, who it is believed died of a heroin overdose, a Pennsylvania medical examiner was seeing […]

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Gay Teen Boys Four Times More Likely to Use Steroids


A new study found a “dramatic disparity” in high schools when it came to steroid use. Why is this population at risk?

When you think of steroid users, chances are you imagine bulky bodybuilders or professional athletes, but a recent study found another group is at much higher risk for using the dangerous drugs, and that group may just surprise you. Steroid use is much higher among gay and bisexual teen boys, who rely on the illicit […]

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Zohydro Approval Challenged


The powerful narcotic painkiller would be the first hydrocodone-only drug in the US, but some say its formulation makes it ripe for abuse.

Narcotic painkillers are big business in the US. We already consume 99 percent of the hydrocodone used in the world, and Vicodin was the most prescribed medication in the country in 2010. That same year, overdoses had quadrupled from a decade earlier. Now, the newly approved drug Zohydro has some up in arms. While Vicodin […]

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Opioid Overdose Top Killer of Former Inmates


Surviving prison in just the first hurdle. Post-release drug abuse and overdose rates paint a grim picture for life on the outside.

There is a lot of discussion about prison reform and how those who serve time fare after being released from behind bars. A new study published in late 2013 goes beyond the more popular topics like reoffend rates, though, to look at the causes of death among former prisoners. It’s a grim topic and the […]

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Heroin Use Is Hot


Why is heroin use on the rise while other drug abuse is falling?

We’ve always seen the popularity of certain drugs wax and wane. What is hot this year is old news soon enough. But Vermont’s governor, Peter Shumlin, saw an alarming rise in heroin use in his state that he couldn’t write off as a passing trend. He has since given the issue major attention, devoting an […]

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